If you’re a Customer Service Manager in a large UK company, the recent 2019 UKCSI Customer Satisfaction Index is key reading.
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As a UKCSI (Institute of Customer Service) Companion Member we were interested to read that their mid-year report shows, that for the fourth time in a row, UK customer satisfaction service standards have fallen. The UKCSI stands at 77.1 points, which is a further 0.8 points lower than a year ago.

Other mid-2019 findings from UKCSI are:

  • The number of customers who experienced a problem has increased by 1.5% (now to its highest ever level)
  • There has been a sharp increase in the number of organisations where customer satisfaction has fallen
  • Utilities has seen the biggest recent decline in customer satisfaction
  • One in four customers (24%) have been directly influenced by a friend or family member recommendation, about an organisation.

Download and read the latest version of this twice-yearly assessment here.

What do we make of it all?

The UKCSI report is also a temperature check of the social, political and economic landscape.

It must therefore, always be taken seriously with highlighted issues addressed, at both at an organisational and national level.

With the ‘fourth in a row’ drop recorded, it is clear that additional time and resources must now be allocated to address and improve British customer service standards.

And as UKCSI highlights, this is a particularly pressing issue for utilities.

Raise and maintain your standards

Prioritising customer satisfaction (and providing a much more personalised service) is of paramount importance for every organisation.

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