Book your 30-minunte phone consultation with Inspiring People – and boost you customer satisfaction scores

Who is it for?
This is ideal for customer service professionals, business leaders and managers and who’d like to improve their internal and external customer satisfaction scores.

What’s involved?
It’s a 30-minute phone chat at a time to suit you, with Caroline Tan, MD at Inspiring People – UK customer service consultants.

During the call Caroline will ask you a few questions so that she can understand your organisation, your customers, how you work with them – and what you want to achieve in terms of improvements.

She will also talk to you about the ROI you can typically expect to receive, if you invest in staff customer service training.

What do you get?
You’ll receive some quick wins to help you uplift your customer service scores.

What’s your commitment?
Just half an hour of your time.

To get started
To book in your free 30-minute customer service improvement consultation, simply fill in the form below, call 01905 420983 or email