About Inspiring People

People often say they like our name. I chose it because it summed up not just what we want to do, but also the people who work on the team – they are all Inspiring People!

We do whatever it takes to get customer service moving and improving. We are specialists and everyone who works with you will have been a customer service practitioner, trainer and/or strategist during their careers. Oh – and they have to be passionate! Customer service is all about passion and emotion. We are also very practical and realistic people. Customer service is the hardest job in the world (OK – we’re biased). A customer service professional has to be a counsellor, a mind reader, decision maker and sound as happy and enthusiastic after the 100th customer of the day as the first. We understand – our role is to nurture, coach and support as well as to nag, chivvy and drive.

Above all, I hope we have and will continue to inspire confidence by giving people tools and techniques to help them do a sometimes difficult job. Happy staff = happy customers = more money in the bank!

As we go into our 9th year, we have worked with nearly 50 different organisations (some of them since day 1) and thousands of different people in all sectors and industries from local authorities to telecoms to finance to cars. Our aim has been to help them all to achieve excellence in the eyes of their customers whether this is by helping them with Customer Service Consultancy and/or Customer Service Training.

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