Our mission, vision and values

Mission statement

Helping the people we work with to do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Vision statement

To inspire and support every person, in every role, in every organisation – and enable them to provide an exceptional experience to each other, each partner and each customer.

Our Values


These are our guiding principles and the essence of how we like to do business at Inspiring People.

Integrity By acting honestly and openly by nature
Nice We are sticklers for friendliness, manners and courtesy
Standards We aim to be easy and reliable to do business with and we get a great deal of satisfaction from feeling part of your team. We are also flexible and adaptable recognising that life doesn’t stand still and circumstances change
People Yours – we treat everyone with respect and as individuals. We offer unswerving support and guidance to all who need us. We will act as the conscience of the customer and encourage realistic but aspirational goals

Ours – we work hard, play hard and recognise that there is life outside work. We aim to provide a fun, energetic and inspirational culture for our team, where they feel appreciated

Infatuated Both in our subject and how we do the job!
Role model In the way that we work with you, our customers and our own philosophy of continuous improvement
Expert By staying ahead of our game – researching new ideas and continually learning and developing

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