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Whether you are at the very beginning of your customer satisfaction improvement programme or part way through it, Inspiring People will have a service to help you achieve your goal. We do whatever it takes to get customer service moving and improving. We are specialists and everyone who works with you will have been a customer service practitioner, trainer and/or strategist during their careers. Oh – and they all have to be passionate! Customer service is all about passion and emotion.

We are also very practical and realistic people. Customer service is the hardest job in the world (OK – we are biased). A customer service professional has to be a counsellor, a mind reader, decision maker and sound as happy and enthusiastic after the 100th customer of the day as the first. We understand – our role is to nurture, coach and support as well as to drive, chivvy and push at times.

Perhaps you need help writing or developing your customer strategy to work with the overall business plan, or maybe support with looking at your processes – creating new ones or refreshing outdated ones. You may need help finding the right people and synchronising your HR policies to ensure that every single person within the business is aiming in the same direction. We have helped many organisations with all of the above through our consultancy and of course numerous culture change programmes, training, coaching and development.

We are also avid fans of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) the recognised professional body representing customer service in the UK. We have been involved with them since the year they launched in 1997. Over the years we have worked closely with them to support them at every opportunity from being business partners, to helping shape occupational standards, writing and refreshing their training materials and being assessors for their professional qualifications.

We look forward to hearing from you and listening to your individual needs.

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