Establishing your starting point

… or gap analysis in consultancy language!

Doing the right research at the beginning of your journey means that you have any evidence that you need to get buy in from stakeholders for customer experience improvement proposals later on.

What you need to establish will depend on the size of your organisation, your product or service and how you do business. As part of our initial consultations we can advise on the best way to establish where you are currently.  This could include:

  • Reviewing processes and touchpoints across the whole or parts of the customer journey
  • In-depth analysis – for instance customer feedback, complaints, compliments and comments, staff perception, mystery shopping data, observation and/or review of voice recordings
  • Working with teams and particular parts of the business
  • You may want input from the management team
  • Looking at gaps in the supply chain and aiding partnership working
  • Producing reports to let you know how you are doing

Service Insights

For a premium standard, totally in-depth review and understanding of the service experience you are offering, then you need to gain the insight of your customers both external and internal (your employees).

In conjunction with our business partner Customer 1st International, we offer Service Insights – a fast, accurate online assessment of your organisation’s service standards to help you optimise your customer experience.

Service Insights can be used in any size or type of team, department, division or even within the entire organisation.

Service Insights will provide you with crucial insights to help you plan the best way forward:

  • Your Customer Experience score
  • Your Service Framework score
  • Your overall Service Insights score
  • What customers think of their experiences
  • Your critical service gaps
  • How to make key improvements

By taking into account both customers’ and employees’ perceptions, Service Insights gives a balanced view of your organisation’s service strengths and opportunities for improvement. These  will then be prioritised by both groups as to which they believe to be the most important.


Service Insights has four key purposes.

  1. To measure service standards across the organisation
  2. To identify areas of excellence and improvement potential
  3. To drive improvements according to customers’ priorities and
  4. To gain accreditation for the service levels achieved

Finally, we’ll help you with your action planning, ensuring that the whole organisation focuses on the specific areas that will enhance customers’ experiences.

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