Customer Service Strategy

Inspiring World Class Customer Service

We can help to navigate your customer experience to even better levels through our four distinct pathways. These include our Standalone Service Insights two-step route (Bronze) right through to our Inspiring People Customer Service Improvement Programme ten-step pathway (Platinum). Our packages are designed to match your ambitions and the budget and resources that you have available.

The Gold and Platinum pathways also include a Return on Investment (ROI) statement to help you to demonstrate your investment back to the bottom line through increased business, staff retention, customer loyalty, efficiency gains or a combination of all improvements.

The steps can also be used as a bespoke pick and mix menu where you can select your next stages as you go along.

Ten steps

Each of our four pathways is a combination of the following steps:

One (all packages)

Half day meeting with stakeholders to plan the way forward.

Two (Gold and Platinum)

Observation and consultation within your organisation (from 3 – 6 days depending on size of programme) plus report of findings

Three (all packages)

Service Insights – Our business partner Customer 1st’s on-line service improvement tool allowing fast and effective assessment of service standards gaps and improvement priorities. Service Insights operates wholly online, and combines the perceptions of customers, employees and managers, against the standards required to improve the business, and to produce an accurate diagnosis of the actions and resources required to focus to transform the customer’s experience.

Four (Gold and Platinum)

Working with stakeholders to create a ROI statement

Five (Silver, Gold and Platinum)

Presentation of findings back to the Management team (half day)

Six (Platinum)

Three day accredited Leading and Managing a World Class customer service workshop for up to 10 Managers within the organisation.

Managers and Team Leaders equipped with the right skills and understanding, can implement a culture of excellent customer service in an organisation, making a real difference for the business. This programme also leads to accreditation by EduQual.

Seven (Silver, Gold and Platinum)

Our workshops where we work with nominated teams to support them in building Service Improvement action plans to move their service experience forward.

Eight (Platinum)

A range of training and development options to support team members to deliver an outstanding level of service whether their customers are external, internal or a combination of both.

The programmes that we offer can be online (with our partners Customer 1st) or face to face. The learning content is complemented by relevant work-based activities, discussions and should you wish to gain recognised qualifications, these can be offered with accreditation by EduQual.

Nine (Gold and Platinum)

Review meetings following step seven with individual teams to assess progress of action plan implementation.

Ten (Platinum)

Team presentation half day back to Senior Management to celebrate progress and success.